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Dear Redbud Friends, <br> What makes the Redbud District so special? Is it friendly smiles and a warm hug? Is it a love of gardening? A community spirit? A helping hand? <br> Maybe it is all those things and more.<br> As one of the seven gardening districts in The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., we have a wonderful and active roster of gardeners who make a big difference in the communities where we live. From planting seasonal flower containers alongside Veterans, to planting vegetables with youth garden clubs, to providing corsage workshops at senior centers, to planning new garden therapy gardens at the local regional hospital, we are active and involved all over the district.<br><br> The National Garden Club, Inc. has the theme "Plant America." Our new Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. theme is "Plant America-Nurture the Garden we call Georgia". The Redbud theme embraces those two themes with:<br><br> "Cultivating Friends and Sowing New Gardens in our Communities" <br><br> What does that really mean? We know that doing things with friends is just plain easier and more fun than doing it alone. Friends bring happiness and willing hands to any project. And the more friends the better as we know that we want to increase our garden club memberships. And creating or sowing new gardens can mean a new community garden in your town, or at the local hospital or school for the enjoyment of those who plant it, and those who harvest it, and those who just gaze upon it. Time in the garden is wonderful therapy. And we know that we are not the only ones who benefit when we select plants that are pollinators, and host plants for certain species, and sheltering plants for wildlife. We are truly making better choices for our complex world. <br><br> We have examples of all these activities now all over the district. Let's see what happens during the next two years! Can we welcome a few more friends and create a few more gardens to our towns and cities? <br><br> I am honored to serve as your new Director. And I am especially happy to have such a distinguished Executive Committee, learned Advisors, all of you who serve on the Redbud Board, and all the gardeners in the District to keep me on track. Let's celebrate what is special about Redbud.<br> Ready, Set, Garden!<br><br> With gardening gloves in hand,<br> Quill Duncan<br> 770 414-4766<br> Quillduncan@msn.com<br>