2017 - 2019

Welcome to the Remarkable Redbud District,

Our district spans the western piedmont region of Georgia. Our 18 counties and over 40 clubs represent urban, suburban, exurban and rural environments. We host America's busiest airport – Hartsfield Jackson -- and one of the most beautiful private Gardens –Callaway Gardens. Redbuds live in a place of history – FDR, Civil Rights and the Civil War-- and we're firmly engaged the future. From luxury automobiles to Amazon, manufacturers and businesses move to our region for its excellent quality of life. As gardeners and conservationists, Redbuds actively involve themselves in projects big and small seeking to revitalize and restore greenspaces and protect our native environments to maintain that quality of life.

Themes for the next 2 years focus on planting; getting back to our roots. For the next two years, NGC President Nancy Hargroves has selected "Plant America" as her theme. This theme heavily promotes gardening in all its forms. We plant to preserve and restore our environments. Following through for Deep South, Director Anne McCormick's theme is "Plant America Southern Style" emphasizing natives and community gardens. Jane Hersey, new Garden Club of Georgia President chose "PLANT AMERICA - Georgia's Heritage, Georgia's Legacy" for her theme.

For me, these themes lead me to look at ways to encourage planting for a purpose and addressing our native challenges. Redbud's theme is "Replanting Natives and Restoring our Future." Our environment has been attacked by pollution, over-development, invasive species misuse of pesticides and fertilizers. Redbud's three major rivers – the Chattahoochee, the Flint and the Ocmulgee -- continue to be threatened by overuse, pollution and drought. Natural ecosystems have been disturbed and destroyed. It is vital for our future to restore natural environments returning native vegetation to restore the natural balance that supports native wildlife. This is the best way to protect against destruction of our state's amazing natural environment. To that end, we should all look for ways – in our homes and communities – to restore environments by re-planting of natives or nearly natives. As we know, using natives also preserves our vital watersheds.

Diane C. Hunter



Redbud District Director (2017 - 2019)

Last Updated: May 13, 2018